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As a property owner we know you not only want to optimise your bookings, but most of all want to make sure that every rental is carried out in the best possible way, avoiding any hassle while maximising satisfaction for your guests and yourself.

If you own a luxury property and think our guests would enjoy staying there, we’ll be glad to hear from you. Fill in the form below, including a link to your property website, and we’ll get back to you with an answer whether we’ll accept to advertise your property on one of our sites.

Please be aware that your property may not comply with the quality standards required for our high-end portal, but may in that case be eligible for publishing on one or several of our affiliated sites.

No subscription, set-up or advertising fees are required, as we work solely on a success-based commission, due once a booking is confirmed.

Best of all, once we enter into a collaboration agreement, we’ll provide you with a unique means to earn complementary revenues to your rental income.

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We are always open to discuss partnerships and alliances. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About us

The founders of the portal and affiliated Internet sites have a proven track record of launching several internet sites and platforms and of growing them into successful businesses.

We launched after having rent luxury holiday villas for several years, trusting we could bring further added value to the holiday owners and travelers seeking exclusive holiday experiences.

We thus combine a deep understanding of the Internet, the holiday rental business and of the concerns of both property owners and holiday seekers.

We build our business primarily on the fundamental values of quality, trust and extraordinary service. Ensuring absolute transparency in all our operations, we put both the property owners and the holiday seekers at the center of our attention, aiming for a perfect match, clear and transparent rental agreements and highly satisfactory results for all parties.

Our portfolio comprises a thorough selection of the most luxurious and interesting villas, condos, mansions and other properties in the most idyllic places around the world and especially in Greece, Italy, Spain and southern France. We are committed to providing holiday seekers with the properties that best match their taste and expectations.

So, enjoy discovering our luxurious properties and start planning the luxury holiday you deserve.
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